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Our team of Artificial Intelligence pioneers develops cutting-edge Machine Learning solutions that deliver quality and efficiency to our clients.


Empowering businesses with AI & Scientific Computing: Applying the power of AI, Machine Learning, and Scientific Computing, we tackle real-world challenges. Our expertise in Intelligent Visual Processing, Automated Language Processing, and AI-Powered Content Generation fuels business innovation and success.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,
Intelligent Visual Processing, Automated Language Processing, AI-Powered Content Generation
We harness the power of cutting-edge AI models to deliver innovative solutions in Intelligent Visual Processing...
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Scientific Computing, Optimization,
Operations Research, Quantitative Analysis, Simulation
Maximize profits, minimize risk, and optimize your operations with our advanced Scientific Computing solutions...
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Integration with your infrastructure
As we practice the art and science of AI, Machine Learning, Optimization and much more, we learn about your systems...
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Creditworthiness Assessment
Creditworthiness Assessment
If you are a lender, you probably have an advanced method of calculating whether a given loan application represents good...
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NLP of Unstructured and Semi-structured Data
NLP of Unstructured and Semi-structured Data
Do you process lots of textual or PDF data on a daily basis? Are you looking for a way to automate this process by classifying...
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Fraud Detection in Health insurance
Fraud Detection in Health insurance
Fraud Detection solutions come in a variety of forms. One of them concerns Health Insurance and works towards revealing...
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About Us

Extending our reach worldwide from the heart of Europe

We are a team of software professionals headquartered in Poland. Through diligent effort, we have honed essential skills integral to our craft, consistently prioritizing excellence.

Specializing in AI/ML and Scientific Computing, we embrace challenges across diverse industries. Alongside our expertise, we offer strategic technology guidance to ensure optimal outcomes.

At the core of our ethos lies trust, diligence, and a proactive approach that cultivates business potential. Our commitment is to transform opportunities into success stories for our valued clients.

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Creditworthiness Assessment
Artificial Intelligence
Eastern Europe Prestige Awards
2023/2024 Winner
AI Solutions Provider of the Year

About our Founder

Jacek Aleksander (pronounced 'Yatzek Alexander') graduated from the University of Gdansk in 2009 with a Master in Computer Science. Further on, he pursued a PhD in Computer Science and defended his thesis in 2019. Beyond these qualifications, he has been active in research related to Mathematical Optimization and Quantum Information. On a year-long stay in the US from 2022 to 2023, he completed the Fulbright Senior Scholarship at Columbia University in the City of New York. His work embraced Computational Mathematics and Bell inequalities.

Jacek started his own firm Jagan Solutions in 2016, taking advantage of his many years of software engineering experience gained in the City of London and the Polish IT market.

The company has since developed into an independent unit delivering solutions in AI, Machine Learning as well as Scientific Computing and Optimization.

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Meet the team

Jacek Aleksander Gruca, PhD


A Manager, Leader and the Founder of Jagan.

Tomasz Kacmajor


A versatile Technical Manager overseeing all of our projects.

Piotr Cholewa

Senior Software Engineer

A versatile Software Developer with lots of Web Development experience.

Robert Podymski

Business Analyst

An Analyst with a breadth of experience in Documenting Specs, Team Leading and Project Management.

Grzegorz Rucki

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

A highly qualified Artificial Intelligence Developer.

Grzegorz Kania

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

A talented Mathematician experienced in Corporate Data Analysis and Process Improvement.

Kornel Witkowski

Machine Learning Engineer

A generalist Software Developer holding degrees in Electronics and Theoretical Physics.

What clients say about us

Ivy Data
William Flynt
Ivy Data

Jagan Solutions did an amazing job on our machine learning project, which involved taming free structured CSV files. Their work culminated in a fantastic, complex ensemble model that extracts dozens of data points from unstructured and semi-structured data without human intervention. Perhaps the most stand-out part of the work is the documentation. They put together a truly comprehensive, zero-to-complete-understanding guide to the entire process, from exploratory data analysis to running, deploying, and even updating the model. FANTASTIC!

I'm really glad to have worked with Jagan Solutions! I intend to return for new model construction when the time is right, and I know that you'll also be happy in your partnership with them.