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We harness the power of cutting-edge AI models to deliver innovative solutions in Intelligent Visual Processing, Automated Language Processing, and AI-Powered Content Generation.

From medical diagnoses to predicting equipment failures, Jagan Solutions' Intelligent Visual Processing solutions unlock the power of intelligent sight across industries.

From understanding your customers with sentiment analysis to optimizing document workflows, Jagan Solutions' Automated Language Processing unlocks the power of words.

From structured data visualization like dashboards to personalized content that resonates, our AI-Powered Content Generation tools empower you to craft material that truly stands out.

Maximize profits, minimize risk, and optimize your operations with our advanced Scientific Computing solutions. Harnessing state-of-the-art algorithms, we help businesses like yours solve problems such as Creditworthiness Assessment or Risk Optimization.

Our Operations Research and Quantitative Analysis capabilities offer essential insights to assist your decision-making, providing targeted support for smarter, strategic business choices. Additionally, we run Simulations to test various scenarios and mitigate potential risks before you take action.

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Scientific Computing
Operations Research
Quantitative Analysis

As we practice the art and science of AI, Machine Learning, Optimization and much more, we learn about your systems in order to tailor the delivery of our software to your needs. We adapt to both cloud-based and in-house systems.

Integration with your infrastructure
Jagan Solutions


Creditworthiness Assessment

If you are a lender, you probably have an advanced method of calculating whether a given loan application represents good risk to you. But if it doesn't, are you able to give your prospective borrower feedback instructing them how to amend their application so that it passes all the required criteria?

Our solutions enable a fully flexible approach to lending, where the prospective borrower is guided through the lending process so that they reach a deal attractive to both sides.

NLP of Unstructured and Semi-structured Data

Do you process lots of textual or PDF data on a daily basis? Are you looking for a way to automate this process by classifying, extracting content, understanding and question answering from this textual input?

One of our NLP (Natural Language Processing) solutions involves an ensemble model that extracted dozens of data points from Unstructured and Semi-structured Data without human intervention. We would be happy to harness this know-how to help you automate your text-based processes with NLP, a Machine Learning technique.

Fraud Detection in Health Insurance

Fraud Detection solutions come in a variety of forms. One of them concerns Health Insurance and can reveal fraudulent claims submitted by policyholders.

Have you encountered policyholders claiming that they underwent an illness or an accident, although they didn't? With state-of-the-art Machine Learning solutions we can offer you early detection of such cases and save significant costs in the process.

Intelligent Visual Processing Face Reenactment

Intelligent Visual Processing can be applied to a range of problems, such as Image Segmentation, Object Verification, Pedestrian Detection and Face Reenactment.

We came across a rather niche face reenactment problem on one of our projects. It required that a static image of a character (a person or a humanoid) come to life by following a driving video. The driving video could contain a number of reactions, such as smiling, shrugging, expressing anger or joy, etc. We would be more than happy to apply our Intelligent Visual Processing know-how to your business problem.