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For AI and Machine Learning we use Deep Neural Networks and deliver solutions in Predictive Modeling, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision.

Our Data Science & Analytics capability brings about value from your data, be it financial, location, health, pharmacological, energy or any other type of data.

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Data Science

We provide solutions which compute the minimal cost or risk or, alternatively, the maximal revenue or income, by employing advanced Scientific Computing algorithms – the Optimization domain's state of the art. We also carry out Quantitative Analysis to support your decisions and can run Simulations of various industry processes.

Scientific Computing
Quantitative Analysis

While the science and art of Machine Learning, AI, Optimization and others is done, we also learn about your systems and tailor the delivery of our software to your needs. You system may be cloud-based or in-house. Either works for us.

Integration with your infrastructure


Creditworthiness Calculation

If you are a lender, you probably have an advanced method of calculating whether a given loan application represents good risk to you. However, if it doesn't, are you able to revert to your potential loan taker with feedback instructing them how to amend their application so that it passes all the required criteria?

Our solutions enable a fully flexible approach to lending, where the potential loan taker is guided through the lending process so that he or she arrives at a deal attractive to both sides.

NLP of Unstructured and Semi-structured Data

Do you process lots of textual or PDF data on a daily basis? Are you looking for a way to automate this process by Classifying, Content-extracting, Understanding, and Question-answering from this textual input?

One of our NLP (Natural Language Processing) solutions involved an ensemble model that extracted dozens of data points from Unstructured and Semi-structured Data without human intervention. We would be happy to harness this know-how to help you automate your text-based processes with NLP, a Machine Learning technique.

Fraud Detection in Health insurance

Fraud Detection solutions come in various guises. One of them concerns Health Insurance and works towards revealing fraudulent claims submitted by policyholders.

Fraud is a major problem for insurers. In health it frequently manifests as policyholders claiming that they underwent an illness or accident, which they didn't. With state-of-the-art Machine Learning solutions we can provide early detection of such cases and save significant costs in the process.