What clients say about us

William Flynt

Ivy Data

Jagan Solutions did an amazing job on our machine learning project, which involved taming free structured CSV files. Their work culminated in a fantastic, complex ensemble model that extracts dozens of data points from unstructured and semi-structured data without human intervention. Perhaps the most stand-out part of the work is the documentation. They put together a truly comprehensive, zero-to-complete-understanding guide to the entire process, from exploratory data analysis to running, deploying, and even updating the model. FANTASTIC!

I'm really glad to have worked with Jagan Solutions! I intend to return for new model construction when the time is right, and I know that you'll also be happy in your partnership with them.

Sergiy Yashchenko


We hired Jagan Solutions for 3 different projects. And on each of them we were 100% satisfied not only with the development of the requested software, but also with the project management and team dynamics. Although project specifications changed drastically between the beginning of the development and the end at times, the team was always flexible, recommended the best way to the desired result and followed it through.

Guyi Shen


I am extremely impressed by the quality of the services I received from Jacek and Jagan Solutions. We started off with a goal and needed to refine and build towards a specific solution, and Jacek was on schedule, punctual, reasonable prices, professional throughout the project. The project was delivered on time and I will be able to integrate it into a bigger project. I want to thank Jacek and Jagan for the wonderful job they did, and look forward to working with them again!

Prof. Wiesław Laskowski

University of Gdansk

We hired Jagan Solutions to perform an optimization task, which we hoped would discover certain properties of quantum entangled states. We were interested in which states exhibited nonclassical behavior as defined by Bell inequalities (which are a concept in quantum informatics). Jagan clearly laid out the work plan and its stages and performed first class research and implementation work. They approached it as a performance-critical job and used C++ to achieve maximal computational efficiency. Their use of random unitary matrices provided a unique advantage, enabling the solution to be adapted and applied to a broader range of problems.

Jagan Solutions did a great job and showed prowess in the understanding of this scientific computing problem, the right choice of tools, execution, and testing. Go, Jagan!