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JaGAN: our take on GANs

We introduce JaGAN, the first open source Machine Learning research project of Jagan Solutions, a team of developers specialized in Analytics and Data Science. The purpose of JaGAN is to help you automate the process of building a custom image dataset and then using it to train a GAN model to produce auto-generated images. The term "Jagan" is already known to the fans of the Japanese anime and it describes a superpower of an "evil eye". This superpower allows its wielder to perform the attack known as the "Dragon of Darkness Flame", telepathy, telekinesis, and god-like speed. For the purpose of this article we have to limit ourselves to the last superpower, leaving others for further research.

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How Generative AI Revolutionizes Scientific Hypothesis Testing

IBM and CERN have recently published about their collaboration involving generative AI. In this post we will break down their article and expand upon it. Often, when people think about artificial intelligence, they picture robots or self-driving cars. But did you know that AI is also used for creating new pieces of art, writing compelling content, and generating dynamic e-commerce product descriptions?

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Healthcare Fraud Detection

The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly growing, impacting many industries with its game-changing abilities. From retail to transportation, AI's power to handle large amounts of data and derive meaningful insights is transforming business operations. One important field that is being influenced by AI is healthcare, where the focus is not only on financial efficiency but also on ensuring the safety of patients.

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