Automated Language Processing

Let your words work smarter with Jagan Solutions' Automated Language Processing

From understanding your customers with sentiment analysis to uncovering market insights hidden in social media, and enabling fraud detection in finance & insurance, Jagan Solutions' Automated Language Processing unlocks the power of data.

Imagine automating service with chatbots that can smoothly communicate with your customers, extracting market trends from vast data, or streamlining document workflows with automated summarization, question answering, and adaptive document processing.

Our Automated Language Processing services encompass a variety of solutions tailored to your needs, including AI text summarization, which can transform extensive documents into concise summaries without losing critical information. Additionally, we harness the power of AI to enhance various applications, including AI fraud detection, by analyzing and interpreting textual data at scale.

Jagan Solutions' language experts and data scientists tailor solutions to your industry, whether it's extracting insights or eliminating manual tasks to free up your team's time and resources.

Benefits of Jagan Solutions' Automated Language Processing (also known as Natural Language Processing):

AI Text Summarization
Enhanced Customer Insights

Understand your customers' needs, preferences, and sentiments more deeply to improve products, services, and customer satisfaction.

Increased Efficiency

Streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks such as document processing, saving time and resources.

Improved Decision-Making

Extract actionable insights from vast amounts of text data to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Cost Savings

Reduce operational costs by automating manual tasks and improving overall efficiency.

Enhanced Communication

Enable seamless communication with customers through chatbots and automated response systems, improving responsiveness and engagement.

Explore how Jagan Solutions' Automated Language Processing solutions can transform your industry.

See the following examples of our AI applications in:

Finance & Insurance
E-Commerce & Crypto
Data Industry
AI Art
Finance & Insurance

Extract actionable insights from financial documents, analyze customer sentiment for improved service, and perform transaction monitoring and anomaly detection for fraud detection & prevention.


Analyze medical records with AI to support research and personalized patient care.

E-Commerce & Crypto

Generate personalized product recommendations, analyze social media data for market insights.

Data Industry

Extract and organize vast data sets, automate data cleaning and labeling tasks, automate document workflows.

AI Art

Understand and interpret the text users input in their request to create or modify an image.

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